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The Plant Report- Every Plant Has A Story

Thank you for listening to The Plant Report: Every Plant Has A Story. I am a plant nerd and avid gardener who loves to educate about the botanical world, medicinal plants, ethnobotany, and nature. If you like these episodes, please check out my other podcast, Sustainable World Radio. 

Jun 18, 2021

Episode 36: Have you heard of Spilanthes? In this fun and informative interview with regenerative land designer, educator, facilitator, and Spilanthes fan Javan Bernakevitch, we discuss this  unique plant. 

An herbal ally with a long history of use for oral health and immune support, Spilanthes is known by a multitude of common names like Electric Daisy, Toothache Plant, and Party in the Mouth. Spilanthes is a a plant whose reputation precedes it. Chewing on the flowers produces a strong tingling and anesthetic sensation in the mouth- in Javan's words, "It's like feeling a 9 volt battery on your tongue."

Javan tells us why he holds Spilanthes in such high esteem and why he believes it's a must have in any herbal first aid kit. Javan shares his growing and harvesting tips and tells us how he makes and uses Spilanthes tincture. 

Javan Bernakevitch founded and operates Permaculture BC, an education and community hub in British Columbia, Canada. The principle consultant at All Points Land Design, Javan works on small to large scale landscapes. Javan also works with individual clients providing assistance on life design- how to design your life to work with, not against, your nature.

For information on Javan's work visit: and

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