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The Plant Report- Every Plant Has A Story

Thank you for listening to The Plant Report: Every Plant Has A Story. I am a plant nerd and avid gardener who loves to educate about the botanical world, medicinal plants, ethnobotany, and nature. If you like these episodes, please check out my other podcast, Sustainable World Radio. 

May 16, 2023

Episode 38: Our plant today is Fig and our guest is Dr. Lee Reich. Lee is a writer, horticultural consultant, and educator with graduate degrees in soil science and horticulture.

Lee is a big fan of Figs (Ficus carica) and in this episode we learn how to successfully propagate, grow, and harvest this ancient plant. Lee...

Dec 4, 2021

Welcome to the world of Hops, Humulus lupulus. 

In this relaxed conversation with organic farmer and Hops grower Acadia Tucker, we discuss this unwieldy and happy to be alive plant. We touch briefly on the history of Hops, which like its illustrious relative Cannabis, was once feared as a “wicked weed.” Now revered...

Jun 18, 2021

Episode 36: Have you heard of Spilanthes? In this fun and informative interview with regenerative land designer, educator, facilitator, and Spilanthes fan Javan Bernakevitch, we discuss this  unique plant. 

An herbal ally with a long history of use for oral health and immune support, Spilanthes is known by a multitude...

Apr 23, 2021

Episode 35: Did you know that Einkorn wheat is 27,000 years old? Wheat is one of the world's oldest grains and like it or love it, it’s been part of human life for thousands of years. Learn about this long revered and recently reviled plant with ancient grain farmer Larry Kandarian of Kandarian Organic Farms.


Feb 1, 2021

Tulsi is a beautiful aromatic plant with strong medicinal qualities. In this interview with organic farmer Alena Steen of Night Heron Farm we learn how to propagate, grow, harvest, and utilize this lovely and revered plant. 

Tulsi is native to India where it is known as Holy Basil. Tulsi is an adaptogen- a plant...